Tactical Football

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Tactical Football is a free to play browser based unique football management game with:

  • a strong emphasis of tactics.
  • match reports that provide detailed information on player interaction.
  • rich conditional orders during match play.
  • individual player training.
  • an active transfer market.
  • a system where success depends on well thought out tactics, training and player management.

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How to play

  • The Rules
  • To see an example of a recent match click on 'last match' of the clubs shown on the right and left.
  • To see an example of a club click on the club name of the clubs shown on the right and left.
  • Use the top bar menu to explore the site. Much is available to view without having to log in.

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More info

TacticalFootball is an online multi-player management game with the focus on giving managers the ability to control match outcomes. TacticalFootball provides managers a wealth of tactical opportunities for managers to use to influence match results. Detailed feedback is provided to allow managers to improve their skills and their squads.

There are mechanisms to build and improve your team including training, scouting and a transfer list. As manager, you will take over a newly founded football club. Lay out your best side, create winning tactics, create player-specific training, build your squad with transfers, and invest in your future by scouting new players. May the best manager win!

Playing the game is easy. You use your browser to log in control your club. Common decisions are what setting lineups, setting training and monitoring the transfer list. The game is ongoing and you will always have access to the server. League matches are twice weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays with friendlies occurring every other day.

For those with limited time default line-ups can be set and can set made long term. There is no visible "highest bidder" on transfers, giving everyone an equal chance to win the auctions and guide prices are provided by the system.

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